Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sing to Jesus

I'm a pretty big fan of the phenomenon known as Fernando Ortega. If there were a song written by a human that was perfect, this might be it. The music is beautiful, but it isn't quite as beautiful as the text. Together though, the text and music are awesome.

Come and see
Look on this mystery
The Lord of the universe
Nailed to a tree
Christ our God
Spilling His holy blood
Bowing in anguish
His sacred head

Sing to Jesus
Lord of our shame
Lord of our sinful hearts
He is our great Redeemer
Sing to Jesus
Honor His name
Sing of His faithfulness
Pouring His life out unto death

Come you weary
And He will give you rest
Come you who mourn
Lay on His breast
Christ who died
Risen in paradise
Giver of mercy
Giver of life

Sing to Jesus
His is the throne
Now and forever
He is the King of heaven
Sing to Jesus we are His own
Now and forever
Sing for the love our God has shown