Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm No Movie Critic

The good thing about old televisions is that it forces you to watch shows, and movies with entertaining, and engaging story lines. Great graphics, and HD cameras get lost in the fuzz of tv's built in the 20th century. So, I finished Avatar last night on my 12 year old television. I think they stole the story line from Disney's, Pocahontas, who stole their story line from history books, who get their story lines from their authors' imaginations. Anyway, it was engaging enough to keep me watching (though I split it into two nights). But, I think I should have seen it in HD/3D. Probably would have been spectacular. I did kinda' like the scenes where all the blue-people were sitting around the tree doing their chants. It reminded me of corporate worship...albeit pagan, corporate worship
I think if I get a new tv, I'm going to keep this one and make every movie or tv show I watch, pass the 20th Century Tube TV Test. We'll call it the TCTTV Test. If it isn't interesting there, then I won't waist the screen-life of my new, overpriced, HiDef tv that I'm thinking about buying. If you have any brand suggestions that would be nice. 

Now, if Fellowship of the Ring were ever in 3D, I'd pay money to see it. Could you imagine what that demon of the deep that killed Gandalf would look like in 3D? Holy smokes!

Now, I'm no movie critic, so I apologize for this post to people who are. I don't really watch many movies, though I fall asleep in a lot. I am however thinking about becoming a food critic. I fear that is something I could become pretty passionate about! And, I never fall asleep in the middle of a meal.

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