Thursday, June 30, 2011

Creation Hymn

The text from one of my favorite songs we sang in Ouachita Singers. Our students will get to sing it this summer at PraiseWorks!

Creation Hymn
Words by Bryan Chapell

His praise appears in all I see,
The stars declare His hands to be;
Creation speaks in sky and sea and shore,
Proclaiming forth their sovereign Maker, "Lord."

High mountains rising to the sky,
Bow down before their Author's eye;
Sea depths now echoing the land's refrain,
Their vast expanse too small to hold His name; He is Lord.

But though I see, my heart cries out,
"So great a God, cares He for me?"

Yes, He who rules the hosts above,
Surrendered, yet, His life in Love,
Embraced me on a mountain full of pain,
Released me from an ocean's debt of shame; He is Lord.

Yes, now I see, my heart cries out,
"So great a God, He cares for me! He cares for Me!"

And, thus, a new creation made,
I see Him more and more each day;
With all the wonders that His hands have laid,
I rise to glory in the Son, and say, "He's my Lord!"
"He's my Lord!"

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